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Liquidation Pallets

Clothing Liquidation Pallets

Clothing is a big category in wholesale liquidation. We carry a variety of clothing liquidation pallets, all sourced from major US department stores and retailers. We provide a good selection of all types of clothing to our clients.

Categories of Clothing Liquidation Bulk Pallets

No matter what kinds of clothing you’re looking for, we have bulk pallets to meet your needs. Our main categories are Women Wholesale Clothing, Men Wholesale Clothing, Kids Wholesale Clothing, Plus Size Clothing, Swimwear, Accessories, and Outerwear. In all of these categories, you’ll find name brands from US department stores ready for reselling in your business.

truckload liquidation pallets

Reselling Liquidated Apparel

Clothing liquidation pallets are a great source of merchandise for a reselling business. You can make a lot of profit from a truckload of clothing pallets. We offer wholesale prices on a great variety of clothing items. Contact us now for more information!

Buy Pallets of Liquidated Clothing

If you’re looking for bulk pallets of clothing, we have the best options at the best prices. We receive huge numbers of bulk pallets on a regular basis, so we always have major brand names available at great prices. The best women’s clothing, men’s clothing, and children’s clothing are all in stock. You can purchase a truckload of bulk pallets for your resale business and rest assured that you’ll know what to expect.

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The Best Source for Wholesale Clothing Liquidation Pallets

We have liquidated apparel that fits all the latest trends and styles. We source clothing from American brands and major department stores. Your customers want the very best, and you can provide it when you order your stock from us. Buyers all around the world choose us as their supplier because we have experience selecting the best merchandise and providing it at the best prices.

Where do We Source Our Truckloads and Pallets of Clothes?

We source our clothing liquidation pallets in several ways. Much of the clothing liquidation that we obtain fits into one of the following categories:

Shelf Pulls

Despite the best attempts of the store purchasing manager to buy the right numbers of items, not all the apparel that a store has on the shelf will sell. When a store has clothing that has remained unsold at the end of a season, it’s often liquidated in order to make room for the new clothes for the upcoming season.

These clothes often still have the tags attached and have never been used. There is nothing wrong with them—they’re just extras that the store was unable to sell. They’re regularly in great condition, even if they show some signs of handling. Clothing pallets in this category are ready to be sold and worn.

Customer Returns

Clothing is an item that is often returned to the store for many reasons. People change their minds or a gift is the wrong style or doesn’t fit. Most of the time, the store does not return these items to the shelves. Instead, they’re set aside and eventually they’re liquidated. Some of these clothes may have been returned because of minor defects, but these are generally easily repaired.


Overstock is similar to shelf pulls, in that it is new clothing that is simply out of season or otherwise can’t be sold. Clothing is a seasonal item, and stores always want to keep up with the latest trends, so they are always rotating their stock. When a department store needs to clear out warehouse space, they liquidate their overstock. This clothing is fantastic because it is always neatly organized and in best condition.

What Kinds of Clothing Pallets are Available?

We have clothing for men, women, and children. We have bulk pallets available in the following categories.

Men’s Clothing

We have all kinds of men’s clothes for all seasons.

Fall and Winter Clothing

Our bulk clothing pallets contain all varieties of outerwear, including sweaters, jackets, and sweatshirts. We also have long-sleeved shirts and a variety of trousers, along with hats and other accessories.

Spring and Summer Clothing

We also have warm weather clothing available in our bulk pallets. You can find a variety of t-shirts, along with tank tops, shorts, gym clothing, and a lot more.

Formal Clothing

If you’re looking for business and formal wear, we have that available in clothing pallets as well. Suits, shirts, blazers, ties, and other accessories are all available at great prices.

Women’s Clothing

Women’s clothing is the most popular category of clothing pallets that we sell. We offer a wide variety of women’s clothing of all types, from athletic gear to formalwear and everything in between.

Plus Size Clothing

Our clothing pallets are available with plus sizes in all categories, including casual wear, business wear, evening dresses, and more.

Maternity Wear

We also have maternity clothing available in bulk pallets. Maternity wear has come a long way, and you can get skirts, dresses, shorts, and pants that are designed for pregnant ladies.

Children’s Clothing

Children’s clothing is a popular category. People are often looking for good deals on children’s clothing because they grow so fast. We have all kinds of kid’s clothes available in our clothing liquidation pallets.

Swimwear Clothing Pallets

We have swimwear available for women, men, and children from US brands. These are all high-quality swimsuits in many styles.


Our bulk clothing liquidation pallets include a variety of sleepwear for children, women, and men. Also pajamas and nightgowns for everyone.


We also have undergarments available for everyone, including tank tops, boxers, and briefs for men, as well as underwear, bras, pantyhose, and lingerie for women in a variety of styles and brands.

Accessories Liquidation Pallets

No outfit is complete without accessories, and we have lots of different kinds of accessories available in bulk pallets. Handbags, jewelry, and more are all available. Contact us for more details.


No matter what you’re looking for, we probably have it, so if you need a particular clothing item in bulk pallets, get in touch with us. There’s a good chance that we can help you find what you need.

The Best Choice for Clothing Liquidation Pallets

Don’t waste time trying to source your clothing from many different places. We have a huge variety of clothing liquidation pallets available from major US brands and department stores. When you visit us, you’ll be able to find everything you need, and you’ll get a great price by ordering a full truckload of bulk clothing pallets.

In terms of convenience, selection, and most importantly, price, we can’t be beaten. If you’re looking to buy clothing liquidation pallets, just visit us and build your own truckload of items that meet your needs, so that you can provide the best for your customers. Our pallets come directly from major US retailers and are categorized based on quality so that you can be sure of what you’re receiving. Your reselling business will be the best it’s ever been with our merchandise.

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