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Liquidation Pallets

General Merchandise Liquidation Pallets

General Merchandise pallets

We have a large inventory of mixed products available from a variety of brands and stores. You can find these items at great prices at our website, ready to be shipped to you by the Pallet or Truckload.

We are Suppliers of General Merchandise Pallets

Our general merchandise pallets include apparel, baby items, bedding, cosmetics, electronics, home decor, lawn and garden, sporting goods, toys, and much more. All of these items are in good condition, ready to be sold and used.

This merchandise comes in pallets that you can purchase individually or by the truckload. When you purchase a full truckload of pallets, you’ll get the best prices available in the liquidated goods market.

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Pallets of General Merchandise That Sells

Our merchandise is all high-quality from major United States department stores.

Buy General Merchandise Liquidation Pallets

liquidation pallets general merchandise

When you get in touch with us through our website or by email, we’ll provide you with the best offers on these lots of wholesale pallets. If you want more information about the products we have available, you can browse our website to see all the categories we offer.

Our projects are name-brand merchandise in great condition. We get our general merchandise pallets from US department stores and retailers by acting quickly on any liquidation sale opportunities.

Ordering from us is as simple as getting in touch. We can answer any questions you may have and help you find what you’re looking for at a great price.

The Best Source for General Merchandise Pallets

We pride ourselves on providing a wide variety of high-quality general merchandise. Our pallets are the best general merchandise pallets you can buy.

The most important thing for a reseller to know is what their customers are looking for. Purchasing the right merchandise is key so that you can turn around and sell it for a substantial profit. No matter what kinds of items you need for your store, you can find them here.

There are some misconceptions about liquidated products. These are not always unpopular or unwanted items, and they are actually unlikely to have design problems or damage. Often, liquidated merchandise comes from overstock, when stores need to clear out extra inventory to make space for new items coming in. Other times, these products are customer returns that cannot be sold as new but are still in great condition.

What Are General Merchandise Liquidation Pallets?

Liquidation brings to mind the going-out-of-business sales that you sometimes see, where a store is selling everything at deep discounts. This definition is only part of the liquidation industry. When a retailer has items in their stock that are not selling quickly, or they need to make room for new seasonal merchandise, they sell them to wholesale liquidators. This allows them to make a small profit rather than letting these unsold items build up in their warehouses until they are no longer viable.

Ultimately, third-party resellers benefit from this liquidated merchandise, as they can purchase it in bulk from wholesale liquidators and sell it to their customers, who benefit from discounted prices on the same name-brand merchandise available in the department stores.

Resellers can purchase bulk pallets of liquidated merchandise from us directly, and we also offer auctions for some of our pallets, and you can get some valuable merchandise that way. Your business can certainly benefit from purchasing your products through us. Your customers will trust that your products will be high-quality and in great condition and you will build a base of repeat customers.

As an established wholesale liquidator, we are constantly receiving new batches of liquidated general merchandise. Our website is always being updated with these new products, so be sure to take another look if you haven’t browsed our selection in a while.

If you have storage space for a large amount of inventory, we highly recommend our bulk pallets. A full truckload of our general merchandise pallets ensures that you get the best price, and you’ll have a great variety of items for your customers.

Where Do General Merchandise Liquidation Pallets Come From?

We have many sources for our liquidated merchandise. All of it comes from major US retailers, but retailers liquidate their stock for a variety of reasons. The overriding reason is to free up space, but there are several reasons that this stock is taking up space in the first place: customer returns, shelf pulls, overstock, closeouts, and reconditioned or repaired products.

Customer Returns

A lot of liquidated merchandise is products that customers have returned. This doesn’t always guarantee items of the best quality, because returns may have been opened and returned because the product is damaged or defective. These products sit in retailers’ warehouses until they are liquidated.

Since we have lots of sources, we don’t focus as much on customer returns. However, we inspect and grade all items when they come in before we pack them into bulk pallets, so you’ll be sure to get exactly what you expect: products in good condition.

One benefit of customer returns is that you get lower prices than other liquidated merchandise. This means that you can offer these products to your customers at great prices. Many of the wholesale liquidation pallets we acquire are mixed batches, and so you can provide your customers with a wide variety of products without having to select them all individually.

Shelf Pulls

Shelf pulls, also referred to as store stock, is new merchandise that was never sold. This is stock that was sitting on the shelf but has not sold and needs to be cleared out.

These products are brand new but may have some signs of human handlings, such as minor package damage. We find that shelf pulls are the best source for great products. Our experts are able to find a wide variety of merchandise in great condition. Often these lots of general merchandise contain uncommon items that you can get for good prices.

Compared to customer returns, shelf pulls and store stock are a bit more expensive, but these lots are often worth it, because they can contain rare items for low prices, such as exclusive sneakers and other highly-sought-after items. When you purchase these bulk pallets, you can price individual items as you like.

Shelf pulls and store stock is liquidated for a variety of reasons. Bulk pallets of liquidated general merchandise will often include

  • Out of season items
  • Products that failed to sell, even with discounts
  • Outdated items
  • Items with retail price tags or anti-theft devices
  • Damaged packing due to handling
  • Upcoming expiration dates
  • Products out of boxes


Overstock is a common issue for retailers. Despite their best efforts, retailers can overestimate how much of a certain product they can sell, order a lot of it, and then have too much at the end of a season or when a new product arrives.

When this happens, retailers sell this excess product as overstock. We get these products at great prices, often at the same cost, the retailers paid, or even less. One benefit of overstock liquidation is that we get large numbers of the same products. When you purchase them from us, you’re able to offer a large stock to your customers, and because you can offer better prices than the original retailers, you may have better luck than they did with these products.

Of course, because they were never even on store shelves, overstock products are generally brand new and in great condition. Overstock is a great source of general merchandise pallets


Closeouts are the form of liquidation that people are often most familiar with. When a retailer or even just a single branch of a chain is closing, they often sell their merchandise at reduced prices in a liquidation sale. While sometimes the public is able to purchase items in a going-out-of-business sale, wholesale liquidators also have access to liquidated inventory.

Closeouts give resellers a lot of options for variety. These products can be resold in auctions, in an online shop, or in a physical store. Closeout sales are a great source of high-quality products at low prices, and you can pass those savings on to your customers.

Reconditioned Merchandise

When items are returned with damage, they are often retained and repaired if the repair is not too expensive and will result in a product that can be resold. If these products aren’t resold by the retailer as open box refurbished items, they are sold in bulk pallets to liquidators.

General merchandise liquidation pallets will usually contain a wide variety of products in various conditions. They are all functional and approved for resale, but they may appear new or used, and the packaging will vary.

Web Distribution Returns

Online returns are often handled differently than in-person returns. Products from online stores are handled by many people in the order fulfillment process as they’re pulled from a warehouse, packaged, shipped, and delivered. Products can be damaged at any point in this process, and so online sales have a high rate of returns.

Online stores need to make it easy for products to be returned, but this often results in a large number of products that can’t be resold as new, even if the products weren’t used before they were returned because packages may have been opened.

Even though these items go through many hands during the order fulfillment process, they are often in better condition than in-store returns because they have not been handled multiple times on store shelves. We can provide liquidated general merchandise in great condition for you at low prices.

General Merchandise Liquidation Pallet Quality

We sort our bulk pallets by quality so that you’ll know exactly what to expect when you purchase liquidated merchandise from us. Here is some more information about the quality levels of our general merchandise liquidation pallets.

New or Like New

New or like-new products come from closeouts and shelf pull liquidations. These products have never been sold, and are generally in original packaging. These items don’t require much work to be ready for resale either online or in a physical store. Your customers will get good deals while you can still sell these products at higher prices.

Customer Returns

Batches of customer returns are mixed in quality. Bulk pallets are much cheaper, but you will need to sort items and some of them may still need repairs before they can be resold. If you have the skill to repair products or you are interested in selling products for parts, you can build a good business using general merchandise pallets that come from customer returns.


Salvaged merchandise is similar to customer returns in that the quality often varies from item to item. The benefit of these pallets is that you can often find some high-quality merchandise that you’re able to make a great profit on.

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Whether you’re looking for one or two pallets or a full truckload, you can find the best general merchandise liquidation pallets from us at great prices. Check out our product selection on our website, or get in touch with us to learn more.

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