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Liquidation Pallets

Liquidation Pallets

We carry in our stock a large variety of liquidation pallets available from many U.S. department stores, including MCY, JCP, TGT, AMZ, and more. You’ll find liquidation pallets for sale at great prices, and all ship directly from our facility straight to you. You can order from several categories at once and everything will be sent to you quickly.

We use abbreviations and codes to identify stores due to contractual liability. Get in touch with us for more information or assistance.

Wholesale Liquidation Pallet Categories

Our liquidation pallets are available in many categories. Our pallets of merchandise change often, but we always have many different products available. The categories we routinely have available Accessories, Shoes, Clothing, Toys, Bicycles, Cosmetics, Domestic goods and Bedding, Electronics, General Merchandise, Health & Beauty, Handbags, Home Improvement, Housewares, Seasonal Items, Sporting Goods, and Office Supplies.

Quality and price are top priorities for us. We always work very hard to create a good customer experience. And we never take shortcuts or cut corners. Our only priority is your satisfaction

truckload liquidation pallets

Goods that Sell

Our merchandise is all high-quality from major United States department stores. Our expert team will work with you in order to put together your personalized shipment. If you need pallets of merchandise, contact us now.

Wholesale Merchandise Pallets For Sale

If you want to get more information on our deals, please click on the photos for more information.

Order Liquidation Pallets from Us at The Best Price

We have liquidation pallets for sale from US retail stores. Our inventory includes surplus, customer returns, and overstock. You can order any assortment of bulk pallets and have them shipped directly to you.

 Liquidation Pallets at Miami Warehouse
Liquidation Pallets at Miami Warehouse

Best Liquidation Pallets Site

If you want to start profiting with liquidation pallets, the best prices are available from us here at

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Consistency is Key

With this high-quality merchandise, you’ll sell out fast, so whenever it’s time to restock your store, we will send your next truckload of merchandise pallets fast. Keep your customers satisfied with great merchandise at great prices.

Buy a Full Truckload at a Better Price

The best way to get bulk pallets at a low cost is by purchasing a full truckload of pallets. These liquidated pallets are coming straight from US department stores, and you’ll get your stock at lower prices because you’re buying in bulk by the truckload. You’ll get better discounts than buying individual pallets or cartons.

Truckload Liquidation

What are Liquidation Pallets?

We use the term pallet in the liquidation sector in reference to a ” pallet of merchandise” for instance, a tool pallet, a general merchandise pallet, pallet of shoes, toy pallets, etc. … Buying truckloads and pallets of surplus stock, customer returns or salvage from a Merchandise Liquidator Company like Ours it’s a great way to make money with a broad assortment of products

When you think of liquidation, you likely imagine the big sales that a store has when it goes out of business. While it sounds like a bad thing, liquidation can actually be quite beneficial as a way of saving and earning money. It’s a good tool for selling discontinued merchandise, overstock, or products that were returned by customers and refurbished.

How wholesale liquidation works

Bulk pallets of merchandise are purchased by a wholesale liquidator. They are experts in organizing and selling these products either to other wholesalers or to secondary resellers, whose customers know that there are quality, name-brand goods available at discounted prices through these liquidation sources. Reselling this merchandise at bargain prices to consumers is possible because the cost of purchasing it through a wholesale liquidator is much lower than the retail or even normal wholesale price.

If you want to learn how wholesale liquidation works, continue reading to learn some industry secrets.

Where do These Liquidation Pallets Come From?

Wholesale liquidation merchandise comes from a variety of retailers in all areas. We have apparel, sporting goods, electronics, home goods, and more. When these retailers have stock they can’t sell, they liquidate it in order to make space in their warehouses for new inventory that they will be able to sell at retail prices. This is the same high-quality merchandise that they normally sell.

The main sources of liquidation merchandise are store overstock, closeouts, and customer returns.


Store management does the best they can to order the right items in the right amounts for their customers, but sometimes a product doesn’t sell as well as expected and they have a great quantity of it taking up space in their warehouses. This product is sold at discounted prices to wholesale liquidation companies to make room for new stock.

Seasonal merchandise that isn’t sold during its season is often also liquidated to make room for the new season’s products.

This overstock liquidation merchandise is brand new and in great shape.


Closeouts are what many people think of when they picture a liquidation sale at a retail store. If a store is closing or even simply moving, they may have a clearance or closeout sale, also often called a flash sale, in order to get rid of the product. Liquidation experts can get good prices on these products and resell them.

Customer Returns

Wholesale liquidation companies are also an important part of the secondhand market. Sometimes customer returns are not in a condition that allows them to be sold as new. In this case, these secondhand goods are stored in warehouses, again, taking up space.

A wholesale liquidation company can purchase these returns, which while not considered new, can be resold on the aftermarket as long as they work properly.

What is Wholesale Truckload Liquidation?

A truckload liquidation company has pallets of goods available from a variety of sources. These truckloads are available to Liquidators like us to purchase by the truckload. The liquidation business often refers to items by the pallet, so it’s possible to purchase bulk pallets containing sporting goods, apparel, cosmetics, among others. You can purchase overstock pallets and customer return pallets by the truckload for reselling to customers.

How to Buy Pallets of Wholesale Merchandise?

Our company is a renowned wholesale liquidation company selling high-quality goods from USA Department Stores. We sell by the truckload or pallet. Most of our business is B2B  and we provide truckloads of goods to resellers. If you would like to visit our facility and purchase a pallet of particular merchandise, please contact us.

Are Liquidation Pallets High-Quality Goods?

Our bulk pallets of merchandise can be of varying quality, but everything is sorted by grade and priced accordingly.

Merchandise is either brand new, from overstock or closeouts, or it is used but working correctly. Our pallets of merchandise are sorted as follows:

Brand New

These products are obtained as overstock or closeout goods. They are often still in their original packaging, and they show little or no damage and can be resold as new. Of course, these products are generally higher in price than other liquidation products, but the tradeoff is that they are often still under warranty.

Like New

Like new products are generally products that have been previously opened and then returned by customers. These items are generally in great working condition. Stores’ return policies ensure that these products are not out-of-date, and they are always thoroughly tested and reconditioned in order to ensure that they are working correctly before being re-sold.

Reconditioned Grade A

Refurbished goods are those that need repair in order to function correctly so that they can be resold and used. Grade A refurbished goods are new once they are refurbished, and most customers wouldn’t be able to distinguish these products from new ones. They may have the original packaging or substitute packaging.

Reconditioned Grade B

Grade B refurbished products have slight defects that do not change their functionality. These defects are often very minor, such as scratches on and dents in electronics packaging, or other products that do not have their original packaging available. These products are a great way for savvy customers to save a lot of money with items that work like brand-new products.

Reconditioned Grade C

Finally, Grade C reconditioned goods are usually not in their original packaging and have other obvious that they have been used. They generally will still be functional but will not be sold as new. Clothing, in particular, is generally donated to charity rather than resold in this condition.

Type of Wholesale Liquidation Pallets That We Carry

All of our products are available in different grades. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it here, in many brands and styles and at different price ranges. This list covers our major categories, but if there is something you’re looking for that isn’t listed here, contact us, because we may still have what you need.


Apparel is one of the biggest categories of liquidation merchandise. We have clothing for women, men, and children, for all seasons. We have modern styles from major retailers available at great prices. No matter what kind of clothing you need, we have wholesale clothing pallets in stock.


We have a wide variety of cosmetics and makeup products available from many prominent brands. You can build a full collection of skincare products and makeup, including foundation, concealer, lipstick and lip liner, eyeshadows, blushes, and more.

Shoes, Handbags, and Accessories

In addition to clothing and makeup, we also have shoes, handbags, and other accessories available. We have shoes for all occasions: work, dress, exercise, and more. We also have high-quality handbags and other accessories, all available in bulk pallets.


Another large category of liquidation merchandise is housewares. We have air fryers, slow cookers, coffee-makers, toaster ovens, blenders, and other small kitchen appliances. We also have a variety of other household merchandise in bulk, including towels, lamps, rugs, and other items.

Home Improvement

In addition to housewares, we also have surplus tools for sale by the pallet. In addition to tools, we have remodeling supplies for bathrooms, kitchens, and more, as well as outdoor supplies for the yard and garden.


We have a variety of high-quality toys for children of all ages, all available in bulk pallets for sale.


In addition to other household goods, we have comforters, sheets, pillowcases, duvets, blankets, among others. all good quality and at good prices.

General Merchandise

Finally, we also have a variety of general merchandise items, including tissues, over-the-counter medications, condoms, and other items.

How Do I Make a Profit With Wholesale Liquidation Pallets?

There are a variety of approaches to liquidation reselling, but in general, you’re simply providing customers with the same high-quality products they could find at retail stores and department stores at low, discount prices.

Wholesale Liquidation Tips for Building a Business


The first thing to consider if you’re setting up a reselling business is your location. If you’re planning on having a physical storefront, this is obvious, but even if you’ll be selling online, you’ll need warehouse space in order to take delivery of bulk pallets of merchandise.

Your choices about what to stock and how to sell your products will determine your success in the reselling market. The most important thing is to get your name out there and set yourself up as a provider of high-quality products.

Customer Service Excellence

The importance of good customer service can’t be overstated. It’s not sufficient in today’s market just to have great prices. There are lots of sources for discounted goods out there, so it’s important to build a loyal customer base by providing great service. Returns and repairs can make all the difference.

Social Media Presence

Having an online presence requires utilizing social media as well. People who have a strong social media presence generally have much more traffic to their websites, and better customer loyalty, leading to increased profits. Connecting with customers through social media allows you to receive valuable feedback and you can create a store that is more appealing and inviting to your target customers.

Special Offers

While you’ll already be able to offer great prices on high-quality merchandise, sales are always a useful tool for attracting customers. When you buy our wholesale liquidation pallets, you’ll often be able to offer your customers great special offers because you’ll get great prices yourself.

Buying and Reselling Liquidation Merchandise Is a Great Business Opportunity

No matter what kind of product you’re interested in selling, you can find bulk liquidation pallets available at great prices. It’s a very popular business model for a reason! When you purchase products from us, you’ll receive exactly what you ordered and you’ll be able to keep your customers happy. Your costs will be low because we offer truckloads of liquidation pallets so that you have what you need in stock at all times.

If you haven’t gotten started yet, consider giving it a try. We’d love to hear from you and help you get started on your business venture.

Wholesale Liquidation Pallets For Sale

While we mostly sell bulk pallets by the truckload, you can also purchase pallets individually and we have options for all budgets. We use codes and abbreviations to identify department stores due to legal agreements. Contact us with any questions you may have and we’ll be happy to help.

Discount Bulk Pallets

If there is something specific that you are looking for, such as merchandise from a particular discount store, please get in touch with us through email and let us know what you’re looking for and what quantity you need. We can often help you find what you need!

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